Jason's infectious high energy, interactive, laser focused speaking style has made him an in-demand speaker across the region. His unique blend of business and personal development skills, humor and high-power engagement, keeps audiences riveted to his every word.

How Does it Work?

All our events use a special blend of teaching, discussion and participation to engage in the complete cycle of learning. We’ve all been to classes and retained little to nothing. Our speaking engagements average 80-85% retention over 30-60 days with immediate application

What Does it Cost?

Fees are contingent upon event dates, length of training, specific goals and number of attendees. Contact our office for a consultation to get a quote. We will calculate the anticipated ROI to ensure every dollar invested has a significant opportunity for a multiplied return.

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Areas of Expertise:

  • Sales

  • Upselling/Cross Selling

  • Customer Service

  • Team Building

  • Accountability

  • Train the Trainer

  • Leadership

  • Business

  • Marketing

  • Speaking/Presenting

Do We Customize?

We know full customization to your brand is critical, therefore we consult with you in advance. This ensures you never receive a “canned” presentation. Our programs deliver relevant content immediately applicable to your team and their day to day activities. We provide consistent results while keeping the topics current. Follow-up trainings and consultation are also available for maximum impact

Keynote & Workshop Topics

  • Sales and Leadership Mastery
  • Championship Level Team Building
  • Accountability Secrets of the Pro's
  • Code of Honor
  • Authentic Speaking and Presenting
  • Advanced Speaking and Engagement
  • Accelerated Leadership & Mentoring
  • Increase Sales by 300% in 6 Weeks
  • Little Voice Mastery (Personal Development)
  • Handle Any Objection Immediately
  • Personal and Professional Breakthrough

See What Others Are Saying:

"I must say that over the course of my 35+ years in post-secondary education, I can’t recall a presentation that was so inspiring, engaging and on point as the one Jason delivered today. His ability to connect with and energize our international students was incredible and I can’t wait to read their comments. Jason is clearly a talent. I wanna be him when I grow up."

John Carvana, Manager, Career Services, Drexel University Sacramento

I absolutely love Jason.  He is one of the best speakers I have ever heard.  He is enthusiastic.  He gets the entire crowed jumping and involved.

Joyce Carter, Town Planner

He has got more energy than a pot of coffee.  He knows how to light up a room when he walks into it. I always seem to learn a lot from Jason.  I have seen him speak several times, and every time there is one thing that speaks to me.  He solves problems and he does it in such a way that I can understand.

Adam Frick, CTO, Co-Founder Ulink Network

He is so motivational.  He has so much energy, you can’t go wrong.  I’ve heard him speak in the past and it just gives me goosebumps to be in the same room with him.  He is so much fun!

Carrie Clark, TSPA Evansville

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